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Cuisine Good Food Guide 2014

"THE ESSENCE OF A RESTAURANT INSPIRED BY FAMILY AND TRADITION" Baduzzi offers an Italian fix with a stop-off in New York for styling and menu tips. It’s a labour of love for owner Michael Dearth, who also owns The Grove. Benjamin Bayly is executive chef at both eateries and his innovation and dedication shine [...]

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Herald on Sunday 2013

"A PLACE WHERE PLEASURE COMES FIRST" The trouble with some top chefs is that they forget they're making your dinner. It's an occupational hazard for restaurant reviewers that they put up with all sorts of fashionable culinary nonsense when what they really want to do is have a meal. So when something like Baduzzi [...]

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Metro Best Restaurants 2014

"GOBSMACKINGLY DELICIOUS" Sometime in 2013, Michael Dearth, intrepid owner and manager of The Grove a fine-dining restaurant in St Patricks Square that has twice won our supreme awards, let it be known he was going to open a New York-style meatball joint. Perhaps he was being modest. Baduzzi, in the Wynyard Quarters North Wharf [...]

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Metro Magazine 2013

"ARISE, SIR MICHAEL" How many more great restaurants can possible be coming? For a while there, these monthly reviews read like a tragicomedy - canteen-grade muck and service grotesqueries; these days your humble reviewers are doling out spoons like we are volunteers at a soup kitchen. And now heres Baduzzi, which could be the [...]

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Metro Top 50 Restaurants 2014

"IT'S CLASSY, IT'S BEAUTIFUL AND IT'S SO MUCH MORE THAN MEATBALLS" For their second restaurant, Michael Dearth and Ben Bayly have parked their fine-dining prowess at The Grove and produced and American-Italian meatball restaurant. Sort of. Forget any thoughts of little old New York corner shop. At this hospitality powerhouse they have aimed far [...]

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The Herald 2013

"THE MARK OF TRUE GENIUS" At last there's somewhere exciting to dine down at North Wharf in the Wynyard Quarter. Owner Michael Dearth, the brains behind The Grove in St Patrick's Square, has dedicated Baduzzi, in the posh new ASB building, to his Italian roots. There are photographs of his great-grandparents and his grandparents [...]

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Viva 2013

"THE ESSENCE OF A RESTAURANT INSPIRED BY FAMILY AND TRADITION" Don't be fooled. You may hear that Baduzzi is a meatball restaurant. It's not. Baduzzi is run by the same team as The Grove. That's what you need to know. We turned up with a few kids in tow because we all know meatballs [...]

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